Dr. Cheng Wang
Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Dynamics Group
Master and PhD postions
Students of background in optoelectronics, optical information, optical engineering, optical communication, physics and related are welcomed to join the group.

Postdoc position in characterization and application of advanced semiconductor lasers

Position description
The postdoc position aims to study the dynamic characteristics of advanced quantum-structure based semiconductor laser, as well as to explore their applications in access optical networks, data centers, gas spectroscopies, and Lidar systems. The candidate can choose to investigate near-infrared quantum dot lasers, mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers, or interband cascade lasers, depending on his/her interests and experiences.

Relevant skills
Candidates with strong backgrounds in Optoelectronics, Physics, Electronic Engineering are invited to apply. Relevant skills include an excellent understanding of semiconductor optoelectronic device physics, fiber-optic communications, gas spectroscopies, and Lidar systems. Previous experience in any of these areas will be considered assets for the project.

Interested candidates
We have two position openings. Please submit your resume and publication list by email Dr. Cheng Wang ([email protected]), and to [email protected]  This search will remain open until all positions are filled.

Issue date: May 18, 2018.